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How to Wear Ear Cuffs

We love an ear stack at Astrid & Miyu, but sometimes the hardest thing about wearing ear cuffs is learning how to put them on.

Discover our step by step guide on how to wear our classic ear cuffs.

Different Types of Ear Cuffs

Ear Cuff FAQs

One of the many benefits of an ear cuff is that you DO NOT need a piercing. Some simpler designs even give the illusion of having a conch or helix piercing, as the ear cuff sits where these piercings are located. So stack those ear cuffs high!

Ear cuffs are made to be worn either at the central part of your ear at the edge - this is where a conch piercing is located or at the top of your ear, where a helix is usually located. This can of course be altered slightly depending on where you find it the most comfortable.

Above we have the step by step guide on how to wear an ear cuff, if you follow this technique and tighten the ear cuff by squeezing the prongs together so it feels secure around your ear, it will stay on until you want to take it off!

Which ear you chose to wear your ear cuff on is entirely up to you. A few factors could influence this. Which is the most comfortable, different piercings you have or jewellery you decide to wear that day.

To remove your ear cuff, simply pull apart the two prongs enough to slide off the ear cuff.