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Box Initiative

Our jewelry boxes hold such a special meaning to so many people. It was the beautiful box you opened for Christmas, the surprise present from your partner or a very warranted treat yourself gift. Whatever the life of your box has been, we are about to make it even better.

Give the gift of giving

Throughout 2020 all of our packaging will become 100% recyclable or made from recycled materials. Join us on our journey to start making a change, things don’t just happen overnight!

Everyone will now have the option to send your box back and they will be re-used for another customer, or accumulate 10 boxes to bring back to a store and receive 500 loyalty points, which equates to £5. That's £5 off your next purchase or piercing! As if you needed another excuse to get more piercings.

Don't be put off if you receive a box that's slightly dented or marked, as you will have the pleasure of knowing, that someone else has received jewelry they loved in this and sent it back for someone else to use, love and re-use. 💖

Box  Initiative

Life cycle of our jewelry boxes

Step One: Receive your order, love your new jewels, wear them to your hearts content.

Step Two: Send back your box for it to be re-used or keep in a safe place until you accumulate 10.

Step Three: Once you have 10 boxes (which definitely won't be hard), you can visit any of our stores and one of our lovely stylists will update your loyalty account with 500 points.

Step Four: Spend your £5 and repeat process, knowing that you're doing your bit and helping us do ours.

Receive and love your new jewelry

Return boxes back to store

Earn 500 points to your loyalty account

The box that keeps on giving