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Here at A&M we have been amazed and encouraged by the #BlackLivesMatter movement. We have taken the time to assess how we can make real change and embed diversity and anti-racism further within our brand. Reading a combination of your comments, resources, articles & stories, we have been educating ourselves and discussing how we can make a difference with racism and diversity as a company.

This is just the beginning. By pledging these commitments to our community, we are holding ourselves accountable for highlighting these actions and continuing our journey towards long term, systematic change. We know we could have done better, and now we have no excuse.

1. Business Mentorship Programme

We are launching our new Black-Owned Business Accelerator Programme. It will be an extension of our founder Connie's original COVID-19 program, and will be solely for black-owned businesses.

2. Internal Commitment

We’ve set up an internal group to ensure that diversity is actively discussed & embedded throughout our culture as a brand. Each department & individual have committed to personally pledging to hold themselves accountable for change.

3. Partnerships

Continuing to work with a diverse range of influencers, models, creatives and partnerships, ensuring all minorities are represented throughout our brand. We’ve worked with some amazing BAME creatives behind the scenes in the past, and will continue to widen our reach to work with more going forward.

4. Internal Training & Support

Offering additional team training and support around diversity for our teams. Mental health is something we take very seriously within our culture and we have a program for all members of staff to use for support and guidance. We're also looking to include particular areas of extra support for BAME colleagues.

5. Student Mentorship Programme

Alongside our business mentorship, we are launching a Student Accelerator Program to support BAME students giving them the tools to start a successful career in industry.

6. Recruitment

We are looking into further opportunities to expand where, who & how we recruit to improve diversity within our recruitment. Internally, we will be setting ourselves targets to ensure that our teams are diverse throughout all levels and departments.

We invite you all along with us on this journey and would love for you to check in on our progress along the way. Our email inbox and DMs are always open - we welcome any thoughts or feedback you may have going forward!

Love, Team A&M xx