Meet Team A&M

The best gift I ever received

Meet the stars of our 2023 Christmas campaign: Team A&M!
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We asked the team to bring their loved ones to an extra special shoot, where we asked them all about their favourite festive memories, their top A&M pieces, and the best gifts they’ve ever received.



Ben, Chief Operating Officer, with his family

If you had to choose an A&M gift for your wife, Frankie, what would it be?

“If I had to choose an A&M piece for Frankie it would be the 14k gold birthstone necklace” - Ben

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

“The best gift I’ve ever received is obviously our lovely children. They are my life, they are my heart, and Ben is alright as well” - Frankie, Ben’s Wife

Lauren, Head of Performance Marketing

What’s your favourite A&M piece? 

“My most special A&M piece would be the Bold Zodiac. I got my baby’s to-be star sign, Libra, and I’ve had her name engraved on the back” - Lauren, Head of Performance Marketing

Hannah, Global Senior Services Manager, and her dog Betty

Tell us about your favourite festive memories?

“One of my favourite festive memories with Betty is every year I always get a picture of her in front of the Christmas tree” - Hannah, Global Senior Services Manager

Rhys, Junior Management Accountant, and his fiancé Alexis

What’s one of your favourite festive memories with Alexis?

“Every year we go out and get a bauble to represent the year that we’ve been together.” - Ryhs

What’s a gift you’ve been excited to give?

“A gift I’ve been really excited to give Rhys was a trip to Paris, because that’s where I proposed” - Alexis

Lex, People Experience Director, and best friend Cait

What A&M piece will you be gifting Cait this year?

“The Initial Pendant Necklace, in the initials of all her children”

Kayleigh, A&M Model

What’s your favourite festive memory?

“One of my favourite festive memories is starting up a children’s charity, so I feel like I’m giving back to the community!”

What A&M piece will you be gifting?

“I would choose the Gleam Tennis Necklace for my mum. She LOVES sparkly jewellery, so it will be perfect for her”

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