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Accessorise your Face Mask with Multi-Purpose Chains

Face masks, but make it chic

We like to think of our face masks as an accessory, an opportunity to elevate your look. Which is why we have made our new Pink Silk Face Mask & Circle Link Mask Chains, so you can add an A&M touch to your style. This is your guide to accessorising your mask with our multi-purpose detachable chains...

3 ways to wear your face mask chain

1. On your face mask

Simply slide on the S fastener onto the fabric straps of your face mask, and then push the closure to secure

2. On your sunglass arms

Each chain comes with a rubber attachment, made for sliding onto sunglass arms - so you can wear your sunglasses around your neck, plus adding an extra accessory on sunnier days

3. As a chain necklace

You can link the S fastening together to wear your chain as a necklace, pushing the closures together to secure. These chains just keep getting better, right?

Looking after your silk face mask

Care information  

Store in a separate bag or pouch when not in use to avoid damage to the silk & keep the mask clean

Avoid exposure to perfumes & deodorant to protect the silk protein fibres

Washing instructions

Gently wash the mask separately in cold water. Wash by hand using neutral or special silk detergents, ensuring not to soak the fabric

Avoid alkaline detergents, bleach & washing powders

Air dry in a cool, well-ventilated place

If you have any questions or concerns, email for more info.